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2015 Kenai Waterhsed Water Quality Data

Water quality data was collected at Russian River, Ptarmigan Creek, and Beaver Creek on the Kenai Peninsula from May to November of 2015. Kenai Watershed Forum (KWF) staff collected temperature, pH, conductivity, and turbidity data in accordance with a pre-established Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP). The data contained here has been processed to ensure accuracy and organized such that it can be used for various purposes.

For each location, four spreadsheets were created to separate data by water quality parameter. Within each spreadsheet is a dataset and an accompanying chart compiled from each two-week instrument deployment throughout the collection period. When necessary, overlapping data were averaged, and data not meeting the QAPP accuracy requirements were omitted. These steps led to a more concise and representative final product.

Site Locations

Russian River

(N60° 27.180' W149° 59.206') - The Russian River site is located in the mail channel of Russian River, 0.1 miles upstream of Russian River Falls, and 0.45 miles downstream of Lower Russian Lake. The site can be accessed using the Russian Lake Trail, which starts at the Russian River Campground. A campsite is situated on the right bank of the Russian River, adjacent to the outlet of Rendezvous Creek into Russian River, and 2.25 miles from the Russian Lake trailhead. The Hydrolab MS-5 probes were placed next to a large rock on the near the right bank of the river, 0.1 miles downstream of the Rendezvous Creek outlet.

Beaver Creek

(N60° 24.290' W149° 21.739') - The Ptarmigan Creek site is located in the main channel of Ptarmigan Creek, 0.1 miles upstream of its crossing with the Sterling Highway, and 0.5 miles upstream from its outlet at Kenai Lake. The site can be accessed using the Ptarmigan Creek campground loop, at the second established parking area. It is situated on the right bank of Ptarmigan Creek, just upstream of the public access point.

Ptarmigan Creek

(N60° 33.618' W151° 7.546') - The site is located in the main channel of Beaver Creek, 0.3 miles downstream of its crossing with the Kenai Spur Highway, and 2.0 miles upstream from its confluence with the Kenai River. The site is accessed using an ATV trail off of Togiak Road in Kenai.


Data and Resources

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Status: Complete
Start Date: 2015/05/17
Type: Data
End Date: 2016/11/30
Data Types: Database, GIS
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Name: Jeff Sires
Email: jeff@kenaiwatershed.org
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Name: Branden Bornemann
Title: Kenai Watershed Forum GIS Specialist
Email: branden@kenaiwatershed.org
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