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Wetlands Mapper – Kenai Peninsula

More than 350,000 acres of wetlands were mapped and classified within the Kenai Lowlands. A report of the wetland mapping project, including mapping processes and wetland classification details, is available. The Kenai Peninsula Borough website hosts an interactive parcel viewer where a wetland map for the area can be viewed. The Quick Guide provides a key to the wetland ecosystems of the Kenai Lowlands.

To view the wetlands data:

  • Follow the "Interactive Parcel Viewer" link below
  • Select "Map Display" to open the drop down menu
  • Select "Wetlands"
  • Zoom in until the wetland polygons are visible

Data and Resources

  • View report
    Report :: Wetland Mapping and Classification of the Kenai Lowland, Alaska

  • View map service
    Map Service :: Kenai Peninsula Borough Interactive Parcel Viewer

  • View pdf
    PDF :: A Quick Guide to Wetland Map Units of the Kenai Lowlands

Type: Data
Data Types: GIS, Map, Web Service, Report
Primary Contact
Gracz, Mike
Work: (907) 235-2218
Primary Agency
Kenai Peninsula Borough

Other Agencies
Cook Inletkeeper, National Resources Conservation Service, Kenai Watershed Forum, US Environmental Protection Agency

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environment, inlandWaters

Kenai Peninsula

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