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Alaska Existing Vegetation Type (AK EVT)

The Alaska Existing Vegetation Type project is working towards classifying the dominate existing vegetation species across the state of Alaska. The only areas not being mapped are the North Slope and the Aleutian Islands (poor Aleutians). The AKEVT maps the dominate vegetation specie(s) present circa 2000 (+ or - 1 yr). A spreadsheet of the working legend is available on request (currently 74 classes). Mapping is based on multi-date Landsat 7 ETM+ data as “strips” of scene(s), at 30m resolution. No canopy cover or height information is being mapped, only dominate specie(s). Although a vegetation height class is often known for many species. The main applications for this project include the USFS National Insect and Disease Risk Map (NIDRM), and as a baseline vegetation map for many applications in the Western LCC area.

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Status: Ongoing
Type: Project
Data Types: GIS
Primary Contact
Fleming, Michael
Email: mfleming@gci.net
Work: (907) 345-2072
Other Agencies
US Fish and Wildlife Service, USDA Forest Service, Alaska Department of Natural Resources

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