Salmon 2050:

A Participatory Scenario Planning Project for the Kenai River Watershed

The Salmon 2050 Project has engaged in this participatory scenario planning process to ask better questions about the future of salmon in the Kenai. It is a stakeholder-driven process and will facilitate the incorporation of future considerations into current decision making. This not only allows us to identify what actions we might suggest to improve or guide possible outcomes, but also asks new questions and challenges our conventional thinking. A critical distinction between our approach and other scenario analysis frameworks is that we explicitly identify the consequences both within the scenario narrative itself (to ensure logical coherence) but also through elaborate and cutting-edge impact assessments. This is where the scenario process, and the stakeholders who engage with us, are leveraging $20 million of research focused on how changing environments in Alaska are impacting communities.

Please use the tabs to explore all aspects of the Salmon 2050 Scenarios Project. Find contact information for the Scenario Team here.